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Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Carrie!

I tend to spend most weekends at popular beaches along the Gold Coast in Queensland so the idea of BootiBlind came about from being frustrated by the lack of easy quick and easy options to get changed while there when I was either on my own or with my family.

I found it quite invasive when people would drive up to me whilst I was changing under a towel and asked if I was leaving soon so that they could have my car space. I looked up at my raised car boot door and thought i would be so great to have some sort of curtain I can hang off my car so that I can screen myself from other people. When I couldn’t find anything online that currently existed to fit this specific purpose that was quick and easy, I decided I would start designing my own solution.

When I received my first proto-type, my youngest son got behind it instantly and said to me "Hey, Mum I think this BootiBlind thing is gonna work". We now take our BootiBlind everywhere we go and it has made everyday activities and day trips so much easier. I started to tell my fellow surfer friends and work colleagues about my creation and soon realised that this was something that would benefit not just my family, but all families.

Designed around your everyday

I wanted to create something that was as convenient and easy as possible for families to use whenever they need a quick place to get changed. It was very important to me that what was designed was very functional with a quick and easy set up and pack down. I also wanted to make sure that we were using the best quality material that could withstand the Queensland weather but was also lightweight, breathable and easy to maintain.